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Consultancy Services and Retainership

Jobs Intake. Characteristics of the Process

Job Requirements and needs were collected from reputed companies across the world.

  • Big Network Pool
  • Job Description
  • Market Standards
  • Career Growth
Contact (0044) 7947 179 780 To View Jobs

Resources Intake. Characteristics of the Process

Resources are finalised based on their skills and experience required as per the job description.

  • Big Resource Pool
  • Technical Interview
  • CV Vetting
  • Technical Assesment
Contact (0044) 7947 179 780 To View Resources

The Challenge

Posting a job online nor uploading a profile wouldnt help either sides. Fetching a proper resource for a specific project irrespective of full time / temporary / contractual basis is a cumbersome process and time taking.

Recruiting the skilled resources within expected budget could be a best one, but compromising in any of the stake leaves a dissatisfaction. The main challenge here is to provide a best job to the right people for right experience for right company with a perfect salary.

The Solution

Deify Infocomm Solutions has an integrated approach of providing services worldwide with a retainership model with clients and partners and also providing consultancy services and resources as and when required on various business models. We emphasize in screening the best possible resources through our online process automated model by which the skills and performance and the ability to handle the project can be estimated and visualised in all aspects.

Deify Infocomm Solutions, as a platform or as your business resource partner can help you with providing skilled and experienced resources at market rate at the same time keeping them intact with the latest upgrades in their skills to boost their performance and provide greater quality and output to end clients. This is a portal where people can apply for the listed jobs and the partners can pick them through the process.