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VOIP Solutions Great Company

Deify Infocomm has a long experience in business voice communications technology has put together a group of managed VOIP solutions, that can be customized to meet the needs of Small Business to Medium Enterprise customers today.

We can custom design a VOIP solution that meets the requirements for Businesses with one or many locations; with traveling or telecommuting workforce; and with other complex call handling and call routing requirements. Our solutions architects can employ our VOIP expertise and experience to build highly complexed call handling solutions and Interactive Voice response systems; custom greetings, recordings, point in time information delivery systems, etc. to meet the advanced requirements of large businesses, call-centers and information delivery services.

Customizable Office Phone solutions

Business Intelligence & Consulting

Depending on your voice over IP setup, internal calls are routed over your existing phone network or your computer network. Calls within the same office will typically be conveyed over your phone network while calls to other company locations get routed over your computer network. Calls to external phone numbers get sent through the network to a gateway, which connects to the public telephone network. All of your calls connect seamlessly to any phone user; there are no compatibility issues to worry about.

Hosted PBX

Multi tenant hosted PBX solutions are meant to give feel and look to customers to manage their own tenants. They can login and manage their extensions, IVR, Queues, Conferences, and other PBX features. Its perfect solution for all kind of Small, medium and larger companies based upon their need.

Custom IVRs

Interactive Voice Reponse(IVR) is meant to reduce man power and efforts with less expense. It replaces traditional call receptionist with automatic system response. So far Team has good experience in developing lots of IVR flows for banks, corporates, offices with use of Text To Speech(TTS) and Voice recognization methods.

Voice Broadcasting

To fulfill Advertising and Marketing needs, voice broadcasting is introduced. It reduces man efforts of calling each number manually and automatic plays predefined messages to customers on specific day and time, and gives complete report of their broadcast. We can help you with this.

Callshop Billing

We can provide billing solutions for VOIP based callshops