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OpenSource Customizations For all Business Needs


Ability to customize the open source solutions and develop custom plugins and integration with client business entity applications has kept us in the top position in the market.

Unlike the standard application development, the open source customization involves complex execution because of multiple dependencies. However as per company development approach, we plan to pickup the best that suits the business requirements and operations easy solution for the implementation upon discussion with client with detailed pros and cons along with a demo. Then the application will be customized as per the business needs by tweaking the code and developing any additional features and plugins to meet the expectations. Apart from the customization, the other note is - integration of the solution with their existing entity platform to bring the app into their pace for easy usage and operations.

Team is not limited to any specific open source solution, but are experienced developers thus can handle the execution.

For reference: CMS customizations, Moodle customizations and integration with live platform for real time online training and assessments, Delivery tracking solutions with auto response and customer management, Custom kernel development in Linux, etc.